Creative Mind

You think, therefore we are.

CREATIVE MIND was established in 1977 by a group of Liverpool University students and still blares a path for creativity.

New: We have just launched our creative writing competition for 2022.

We are an organisation that combines philosophy and psychology with the creative arts. What distinguishes our activities and work, art, collections and galleries is our work in a therapeutic arts context. We have an active role in the community. Our images are used in a social manner, also with workshops and at other events. We were once described by INTERNATIONAL TIMES as a Secret Society. We have operated out of many interesting venues!

We are a loosely linked collection of writers, artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, other creatives and individuals who are keen on arts and culture. We have a great track record of Innovation and delivery.

For many years we have also been engaged in community publishing and have run creative writing sessions since 2006. We also support local history and family history with our collections which are accessed far and wide connecting heritage with the arts

We run a range of workshops plus some residential training – our last one being in Snowdon! Other activities included conferences, seminars, talks, concerts, film shows, exhibitions and competitions plus a lot more.

As a group we are sustainable and support mental health, human potential and achievement.

We want to develop some new ways of working as Creative Mind returns to its roots! Anybody can engage in our activities but we are trying to encourage more individuals in the 18-36 age group to follow our activities. We welcome your involvement.

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Life and Image 3

Old photos and postcards are of considerable interest and often value to us today, representing heritage in their own right and full glory Postcard collecting even with competition from emails, the internet, mobile phones and texts, Is still the third most popular hobby in the UK after stamp and coin collecting Most people can unearth at least one or two postcards and photos in their home With modern communication technology the sceptics said postcards and photos would become a thing of the past how wrong they are! The medium is too well established to disappear over night

Future exhibition

The People’s Eye

Photography formed the bedrock for future postcards A large number of cards from the early 1900s took their images from or were Influenced by previously printed photos. Many photos from that time have become iconic items. Amongst the great photographers are the resonant names of Disderi, Silvy, Mayal, Downey, Nadar, Sarory, Elliott & Fry Margaret Cameron, Sutcliffe, Boume & Shepherd GW Wilson and other great individuals. In the field of postcards are the other household names, James Valentine, Francis Frith, and the Levy Brothers of Paris.

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You think, therefore we are.

Life and Image is our introduction to heritage in the form of visual arts and is the beginning of our three year project. We hope Visitors to the exhibition will find it stimulating educational and informative and encourage you to develop a greater interest in photography and postcards and naturally, in the glimpse at heritage that they offer Look on photography as emancipating the creative being within and you will realise that anyone can have a do at this the most all-embracing of art forms!